Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aroussi Hani respond to the accusations Officer Ministry of Education wanted to exonerate minister

Name of God Rahman Rahim And prayers and peace be upon the best messengers Letter No. 398 On the Freedom By: Mohamed Hani Aroussi Activist - a writer for the national issue The Arab and Muslim Stated the full name necessary future Comment on an article by Kamal/S/ Al Officer Ministry of Education and Training and twisted clear.
11/02/2008 briefed on the article written by Kamal Al stated by the Ministry of Education, according to him - in which he stated talk is unfounded at all. He stated in his reply that Aroussi Hani and Hatim Alonesi wrote and have in their writings and accused the minister sincere kinship that receive hundreds of millions of bribery. Assignment where the sons of the minister Khnes birthplace of kin. This is not true at all, adding that some of the truth did not mention the word bribery personally not alluded in reference. I said in correspondence My Content and repeated that the issue of the operation of holders of Certificates Supreme particularly in the Ministry of Education and Training operators more in the area of service of teachers and professors. The operation, the so-called assignment in the Ministry of Education and Training. Subject to the four elements in the case of assignments: Regional and favoritism. Interventions from the heavy weight 20 kg. Crooked road concept and broad and comprehensive boundless. The letter "K" has the lion's share ... And the letter " H "alternate share Ewe vulnerable. This is what I said literally whether Reacting to what jam brother Hatem Alonesi from France or what I said on 03/01/2008 Almostaquella t channel in the framework of dialogue conducted by the independent channel around me wishes that the new year 2008 commendable interest in the issues of Tunisian society, which is one of the concerns and interest Canal to contribute to the lighting of public opinion and support for the freedom of expression in our large Arab and I in this important dialogue television that the issue of the operation of holders of Certificates Supreme replace care and attention, Mr. President has personally addressed to him under the full points in 21 1999 - 2004 and the President still keen on the subject. I have suggested future to conduct the special assignments Ministry of Education and Training of the higher committee of the Presidency and the Ministry first with greater transparency in future the internet and I to give preliminary shadow areas and needy families as concerns Mr. President, and his eagerness to support needy families and disadvantaged areas of shadow. In relation to this reply to an article jam Hatem Alonesi said that there Party roundabout, as well as provincial and favoritism did not mention the word bribery by the supervisor or other first. In relation to interest regionalisn indicated that the letter « K » has favorotism on the characters of the" H "... This is a fact either past by the minister did not know anything except what brother Hatem Alonesi in two words only word Dr. kin when he was a student in the university, many of ablution and the Towel on the shoulders or a brother Hatem Alonesi to his political affiliation, according to him, was my response to the remarks Hatem manner civilized sound and scalable shared opinion in relation to the topic of regional interest, and I said to him in reply to join these observations in relation to the title Bunschwh or political direction was clearly my comment and I wonder who protects official and past political in this case. My Content of this in relation to what he said either.Brother Kamal Al Hatem on Alonesi on bribery did not read one sentence or word uttered Hatem affecting the minister in relation to bribery. So am surprised response Kamal s , which was mistaken of all health and whether he wanted to be my writings and responses brother Hatem input until it says talk of bribery and other states characters A, C ,D , and characters it is free trades initiated in response, but it away to people's attention interpret and perverting the noble objectives And talk clean. We tell him if you brave the secretariat mention your name in full any Kamal. Oh, if proved in the statement in My Content on the operation of the Ministry of Education and Training said one sentence on bribery or a single word about the history of indecent Minister. Or a single word about the collection of hundreds of millions, as I said a lie and slander and lies and false ... It is not a moral or Islamic sermon national accused people or speak impulsive or tell Unseen, inexistant tales ...? I know you shared in exegesis, distortion and I know that you wanted to make the My Content brother Hatem Alonesi ride to justify your article even states your anger, talk about things and negatives As the convenience informed You know expert and the beginning you had any Kamal S ... Learn to speak without accusing others ... And I dare you to say if any of the tutorials on 26 January entitled to authorize third phone line for the green Minister did not say hurtful speech as well as in response to jam Hatem Alonesi of 01/02/2008 or a brother Hatem on 30/01/2008 All signed articles Tunisia News publication site and refer to it is necessary to highlight the facts. In conclusion, I tell you you shared in exegesis, slander, but you lack full courage and you weak argument. And automatically charges of God on the Day of Judgement and authorize commanders to God that God sees worshipers. For the rest of the talk show if he returns the name "S" and my relatives "Knis" solid four decades ago. Almighty God said: "O ye who believe that the absolute truth immoral Us sought to hurt folk in ignorance and repent for what you did regrets" certified God Almighty
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