Sunday, February 17, 2008

Comments on hunger strike

Taha Ben Khoud Posted 2007-12-20
I understand the behaviour of those teachers. If you are able to do agood job you should expect to feel secure so that you can improve. In Tunisia many people don't feel like this.We do work hard and have no secutrity in nearly all sectors.It's time to think about this .Services in nearly all activities can't improve that way . Taha
doudi Posted 2007-12-24
"Freedom of opinion and expression" and "freedom of thought" are guaranteed by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, correct me if I'm wrong, signed by the Tunisian government which should be sued for not respecting it; unles this is democracy made in Tunisia.
مستعين حامد شاكر Posted 2007-12-28
I came across this forum by chance. I hope that young people of the Arab Maghreb will contribute to it to open a wide dialog to debate different Maghreb issues.
التونسي Posted 2008-01-05
The attitude of the Tunisian ministry is odd. It is persisting in its decision to prevent any person from his right to a steady job which will ensure him stablity. Anything you might imagine is in Tunisia. Thanks to God the union stood with the strikers and assisted them...I hope that the teachers will go back to their works. Thank you.
tounsia??????????????? Posted 2008-01-16
What shall i say? well, i wonder where we are going? where will our silence & fear lead us? I'm a teacher and i feel so sorry for those teachers and actually all teachers in tunisia. We enjoy no freedom whatsoever. today we were supposed to go on a strike to support those 3 teachers but most teachers, at least in our school, didn't participate. some joined their classes while others took some days off! I do understand them! In fact, they are afraid of informers (headmasters,...). they may lose their jobs for good or move to a "worse" school the next year or have the worst timetable and classes... another reason why many teachers chose not participate in the strike is money! Actually, that the strike lasts 2 days - 16 & 17 January - so 2-day work will be cut off their salaries!!!!! Yes! strikers have to pay a "fine" in Tunisia! See how free we are and how much human rights are respected in here

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