Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Minister innocent of bribery 'does not know what happens within his ministry
Responding to the rash of pens By: Kamal / S AN, Officer Ministry of Education
Much talk in the last few days on bribery and favoritism in our country, particularly with respect to assignments in the Ministry of Education and Training to the extent that Mr. Hani, who does not hide belonging to the party constitution and hold may face charges Mr. Education Minister personally, believing it corrupter and the uncovering corrupt and in the history of man where political informed belonging to Hizb ut-Tahrir extremist. Whatever it is, I want through these lines to warn the general youth and politicians to several things: I can not insult people without being we know the reality and facts Vmak not in cash but libelled and defamation of the symptoms of people, especially since no one has evidence condemns the Minister of Education and Training, and if what is being said about bribery and favoritism true, I am sure I am beginning all that is happening within the ministry that Mr. Sadiq kinship innocent of everything that happened from corruption and corrupt, but that the tripartite consisting of Messrs. "K .. and .. S…D » Have full responsibility for what happened and is happening. Hani and Hatem Alonesi talked with confidence that the minister may receive hundreds of millions of bribery since the assignment of the sons Khnes birthplace of the minister and that the incident was incorrect, the minister responsible for them but not bad group to which I referred earlier, baptized as a way to such satanic Those assignments to implicate the minister and force him to silence in all that they will do, and of conspiracies already been done and became paralysed Mr. kin are unable to stop the operations of bribery, extortion and exclusion successful Alkabas and compensate those who paid bribes, which amounted to seven thousand dinars. The Orbiter News corresponding Alkapes knew that the measure of success is not efficiency but the candidate's ability to access the threads that would enable it to pay the first installment before the publication of results interpretation that pays what remains after final success. And Look at hundreds of Jews who succeeded in the written exam many times but failed as a result of the shooting down of the oral. Anyone who fell once in oral future will not succeed whatever the matter. It will be recalled that Mr. (m. M..K ...) manages its own network of youth hunt unable to pay, based in Sousse, where a woman appears to be run by unrelated to the subject as a real estate company and was accompanied by a female employee engaged a lawyer and the office overnight and overnight become enriched the rich. All of this is disgruntled and spoke of favoritism and bribery is right. We should only check who is the real perpetrator, to be held accountable. I say this I talk early on that accompanied the most detailed assignments suspicious, as the corrupted triple insist on the reduction in the number of the needs of the Ministry of professors, including the corresponding Alcapes not succeed examination requested by the number of triangular mercenary and thus resort to hire professors and associate great disaster here . Supposed to resort to this type have an urgent need, however, this assignment is the foundation formula has since received from the group behind him millions. As for the three professors expelled, I swear that the minister had no knowledge whatsoever of what happened was simply a ready made stratgie in order to implicate the minister and make him a game ( a puppet) in the hands of corrupt, no one could have imagined the non-renewal of a special assignment especially they master a good ability enables them to teach and more, still remembers the minister their foretold,ready made failure in Alcapes exam and is personally intervene to resolve their problems after he learned that the injustice and had consulted the inspectors and many academics who supervised the testing in oral. I know that the minister would intervene again to restore the right of the owners, although the union has escalated secondary position adopted to strike out on hunger strike and is a project everyone, and they showed their protest by not dreamt of in the calculation of anyone but their return to work. I do not say these words in defense of the minister, but get their rights and warning those who do not know the facts to wait before writing and attacks on the innocent so as not to turn Monetary criticism.

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