Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The will of injustice

Being exposed to the will of injustice, three tunisian teachers MOUMNI, JALOULI, ZOGHLAMI, were expelled for their being active within the general union of tunisian workers. The teachers mentionned above, were expelled for non pedagogical reasons, but exlusively, punished for 11/04/2007 ‘s strike which was successefully performed among most Teachers of the nation. As a reaction MOUMNI, JALOULI, ZOGHLAMI, went on a hunger strike that lasted 39 days. The fact was a perfect representation of a permanent state of hunger that faces the minestry arrogance, demands the right for work and syndicalism.

Even if the strike enabled unions of the sector and else, human rights organisations, political parties, to evolve around their legitimate rights, the minestry remained indifferent. Whatever was their militant resistance , bearing in mind the painfull fact that Mr MOEZ was on the verge of dying on the 35 th day, Whatever the resistance was, they were never immune from the minestrie’s wrong doings, bad treatment and in more details indifference.

Now, as the complication is not yet resolved, the protagonists of the hunger stike who gambled with their lives for their legitimate rights, reveal that they are ready not to resign ״ will not lose sight in the darkness ״ the image will never approximate a belief in the impossible, as they are confident that they will come back to work again and make the whole people come to a conviction that arrogance is always liveless – No one of them will be bent to the will of injustice- .

The teachers – extremly confident in the victory of truth, and truth ״ reality״ says : ״ give the people their rights״- are still suffering unhealthy conditions remaning from a harsh, long, inhumane, involuntary hunger strike.
MOUMNI, JALOULI, ZOGHLAMI, decided to defend their rights with souls, bodies and hearts, will never be waiting in vain for the reward for their fair issue, sublime mouvement of a hunger strike.

The text, where i used ״ they ״ instead of ״we״- an ardent search for objectivity, the text where i’am writing as if i were some one else, has its sides of the thinkeable which doesn’t lie beyond the following : ״ he who has a strong belief in freedom and human kind may support – actually- expelled teachers״.


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