Thursday, February 21, 2008

Human dignity in work bitumen

To demand the right to work students Sociology Faculty of Arts Sfax strike on lessons Sfax - from Shaheen Savi income students Sociology Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Sfax since Friday, 8 February 2008 in the open on strike to protest the state of the lessons of marginalization and exclusion experienced by this jurisdiction decades ago approved without clear operational opportunities especially at the level of teaching at the secondary level . usually forced sociology graduates teaching in the terms of reference other than sociology. crisis has been exacerbated operating in this jurisdiction after it paid the doors even in the terms of reference which they resort after increasing problem of unemployment affects all levels. The lifting of strikers slogans confirmed the adherence to the right to employment, especially in teaching sociology because of their significance. Also called for the need to be included in educational programs at the secondary level to solve the problem of unemployment and they have received the desired upgrade the level of education and quality of the Tunisian. Believes the number of students that the protesters could not for education in the humanities that jurisdiction without the correct teaching sociology project completed. called the strikers in an open letter supervisory authority to assume its responsibilities at this catastrophic situation suffered by the competence of sociology. called for the lifting of this injustice suffered since decades.

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