Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reach protests in Gafsa reason assignments and non-transparent

Deterioration of the social situation in Gafsa For more than a month and social protests for the right project in employment among people young and old mines in both Omolaras and Rdaif and Mdhilla is still embroiled in the case of congestion. provincial authorities did not move a muscle, remained indifferent, except for the fine promises in the National Company for Vsvat Gafsa re-distribution of jobs in a fair and transparent manner in a social crisis where the unemployment rate increased day by day, poverty is the salient feature and core areas basin mine. protest scene reminds citizens of refugees from Ethiopia, Somalia fled their homes for fear of a disaster catastrophe greater than any man living under the roof of poverty, deprivation and want not find it hears or secure which in their homeland. A. No, not that these refugees Tunisians of meat and blood. They are the children of miners who sacrificed their ancestors and their parents in order to live in this country with all pride and dignity. Those who have sacrificed their lives in the darkness and misery Aldamos just to light us that dark way. Do you bring responsibility for economic and social crisis did not cause? Is selections bring the crisis which followed the rules were not only victims? Will hold all the sons of our people mines in Tunisia dependence State of the private sector, which has not only increased unemployment and worsening social situation only deteriorated? If the state is determined to phasing out of the public sector and this is what has sought in many institutions by the recommendations of the World Bank and foreign financial institutions monopolistic At least why not secure citizen livelihood of the citizen who has complained of the difficult physical conditions left by the policy of privatization and the ensuing rise in Harrow prices and the deterioration of the purchasing ability. devoted to the policy of dependence and foreign capital lured by the level of economic and social imbalance of development and the differences in the depth of which is still acute social crisis deepens in the country and in Gafsa in particular. why not the State social investment projects provide hands Gafsa in stable workforce? The properties by nature are not looking only for profit and how easily and thus become primarily on the issue before the state if it wants a lasting solution to the problem. Every day when the state does not contribute to the solution for instance Strengthening
opportunities in the public sector institutions be sent is the largest contributor over the heightened crisis in the social Congestion.
"What is needed is not impossible but can be met because the sons of miners claim not only the right of the State to be met if the conditions for this are transparency and justice in the development and distribution among the arbitrator to work sites without favouritism. Gafsa people demand is a national, we are entitled to take pride in whole who do not want to devote only a free citizenship in a civil society in which the rights and freedoms.
Nafti Hola

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