Sunday, February 17, 2008

Managers secondary education between a rock and a hard place

Managers secondary education between a rock and a hard place About tasks hidden managers institutes: Letter to the former managers It is well known that the directors of educational
institutions in secondary education, all appointees, and the recruitment criteria, known as the people and proximate and is related to favouring political basis, as everyone knows that the role of custody they have not been on educationally, not teaching. That oversight role and Quantization mouths, and pressure on teachers not to engage in union work and not keep any activities independent scientific or trade union or political, and even talking is not a Atlakie or false cases, we can exclude some managers who are less hostile to syndicalism and the object Alastave, and personally I think you just Professor Khalidi director of the Institute of kebili secondary son of a brand and those who echoed more than once that he would not be a tool for beating me or deprive of the renovation assignment, Mr. Director was aware of my unsatisfactory position, it is he who was contacted several times by officials in the police and Guard and state and delegation as well as the provincial administration of intelligence about me, it was reassured that "man" and the return of its options portfolio to be involved in grievances and farces, I recall that « Mr Adel" When visited in the lesson Hall left after an hour and included few steps back and ask permission for me to address my students that very proud to be in the "best professor" and that despite the lack of competence in the article philosophy he attended a real lesson in philosophy, "also mention that" just CNN, "He was very Swank day visited Mr. Almtvkd on Thursday March 15, 2007, is the same thing on Monday to 07 May 2007, the occasion of the visit to renew the mandate, after attending a meeting of the discussion with Mr.the inspector informs me that I will be the priority in the coming year for the fourth year teaching ethics as agents know every administration content of the debate, I recall also that the appropriate boards and special sections have not exploited to commend Mr. Director, who informed me that he was assigned to a number 12/20 (65/100)- the administrative note- and while asking him several times in the document when it abstained, said he doubts about the intentions of the ministry regarding the renewal of my contract, especially after my adversary in the sector to strike on 11 April 2007 in spite of that day teaching for me, he alleviated the tension of my concern and assured me that summoned to participate in the reform of Baccalaureat tests for two is evidence of the absence of intent Tsvoyer. He was pleased the results achieved by my students in the article philosophy, but the mechanisms of functioning of the Director is appointed by the "victorious" in the end, Mr. Director has responded to pressure from customs who upgrade professional enemy number changed to be, with the 20/08 Note: non-renewal of the mandate!!! I have learned this matter thanks to exclusive means and within the office, which cooked when this plot, but I convinced myself that I was "Mr Adel," is not this soon, when contacted by the union members and assured them of basic swear professions of faith that is not true, but that Professor Monzer Alcharni the lawyer and colleague Mohamed al-Moumni of the case published Administrative Tribunal, the number of administrative and Director proposal I have proved I doubt it. As I write this I wish bitterly (and wishful thinking benefit impossibility) that Mr. Adel Khalidi choose dignity and honor instead of silence. The fact is not comparable to the best of his current office and promised. The conviction is not eligible for doubt that I and my colleagues will return to teaching expelled sooner or later, as I am sure I will be meeting with the brother I just long or short a time to say what??? I’m wondering about the response that will be choosen by Mr Kaldi when asked of what had really happned, especially keeping in mind the fact that so many colleagues insisted on a "patent Director".
Such colleagues participated Nph 98% in each moves advocated by the union and the provincial General Union of Secondary Education to lift the dark about me and expelled teachers for their syndicalism.
Professor expelled for reasons of union Aljlouli on:+21621460918

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