Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Reacting to the article written by Mr. Mohamed Aroussi Hani: Third authorization when necessary, the minister is the Green Line Telephone actor to Tun

Reacting to the article written by Mr. Mohamed Aroussi Hani: Third authorization when necessary, the minister is the Green Line Telephone actor to Tunisia on News 26 2008

Honour at the outset to thank Mr. Hani Boston for his effort by writing to officials in Tunis in an attempt to draw their view of what is happening to refute and violation of the fundamental rights of citizens. And thank him for his more concern operating under today to devious, suspicious methods led by officials
supervised by the ministers. The modern brother Dom Hani clear when it put the finger on the disease with respect to the Minister of Education and Training of this arrogant person who has no religion, creed it is not directly supervised the falsification major corresponding assignment in education in addition to assignments in accordance with the affiliation of affiliations with each assigned sons hand Khnes even worse, is that even those who have not been assigned obtained the professorship after receiving bribes in addition to the hundreds of millions in recent years and if we defy our words wrong to open an investigation into the accusations against him and his aides. I add my voice to Mr. Hilary Hani and consider that this minister has exceeded all red lines and striking disregard the recommendations of the Head of State in listening to young people and equal employment opportunities. The heart bleed when I hear news, which I am proud of my country and I am proud to belong, I Tunisian However, these heinous acts and have rejected and legally make me be disgraced before the French and Tunisian opposition members living proof of what happens at the Ministry of Education on corruption system as a whole and, some say what happened Ombudsman of the All unemployed and professors, teachers and educational workers who in turn upset that the actions of the minister, who are not only serve personal purposes. What has compounded the attack some professors from the process of cutting carried out the livelihoods of where hunger strike protest, irrespective of their intellectual and political explained that they had the right to enjoy and mature enough to be nominated as professors and that the campaign of anger and protest Even in France make all of this Imited minister and considered surpassing all applicable laws and unable even to justify his crimes against the professors. We have uncovered all of the lies and genuine kinship, falsifacation, the charges false pan generators for work and the perspectives of both teachers and the Ministry of Education. I take this opportunity, in my capacity as a resident activist facial France ask Mr. President to intervene personally to remove Mr. Sadiq kin of inefficiency and if necessary trial if what we say and what he says publicly Tunisians, we expect Mr. President gesture to the education sector, which is drawing to a mass As it committed misconduct. It was better for the minister to leave voluntarily after utter failure in the management of recurrent crises in education in all its stages. I recall that Mr. Sadiq kinship when the university has had many prayers to the extent that the general who know what they call sincere "Bo towel" where he put a towel on his shoulder ablution, prayer is not deny belonging to Hizb ut-Tahrir has now denied even the most basic teachings of Islam in justice to the people and we are being slaughtered right, the sons of the north and noble people who sacrificed for freedom and independence and is now continue the path of openness in order to devote more state of law and institutions, relying on itself does not receive lessons from anyone but inspire pioneers and reformers I will not allow anyone to be tampering with what has been achieved since we change even if it was genuine kinship itself. Brother Boston Hani I hope that this letter be appropriate to expose those who dabble reformist path in our country and I hope more to reach Mr. President to raise the injustices committed against the education sector and education because of the behaviour does not please God and not humans, to restore the right of owners and bring offenders. Finally accept the assurances of my brother's greeting and respect.
Hatem Alonesi man teaching resident in France

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