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Nov 23 2007, 10:10 PM
The Tunisian Ministry of Education and Training has taken repressive measures against several indentured secondary teachers who went along with their colleagues on a strike organised during the previous school year 2006- 2007 to defend their legitimate rights. And that was by unfairly relocating many of them and fired three of them in spite of their excellent pedagogical reports.In spite of all the efforts led by the unions, The Ministry of Education and Training is still declining all suggestions and demands to reconsider these repressive measures which intend to terrify teachers in order to refrain syndicalism within the sector. Within this framework, three of our colleagues who were subjected to unfair sacking, start a hunger strike defending their right to work and dignity. They are Moez Zoghlami (English language teacher) Ali Jalouli and Mohammed Moumni( philosophy teachers)The General Union of Secondary Education sustains this militant action and considers it as a step in he flow of actions which the sector has been leading in order to end all forms of repressive measuresAlso, The General Union OF Secondary Education appeals all teachers and the union representatives to support this action and defend the sector’s demands with all legal forms of militancy. It holds the ministry responsible for all the outcomes of rejecting the legitimate claims of our colleagues on hunger strike.Long live the militancy of teachersLong live the ugtt democratic independent and militantThe purposely dismissed teachers address this communiqué to the public opinion:We were hired to work as indentured teachers (MACA) during the previous school year thanks to a long militancy after our intended exclusion from the oral exam of the CAPES certificate Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude for Secondary Education) because our former activism within the General Union of the Students of Tunisia. (UGET)In spite of our excellent pedagogical performance and our professional scores, The Tunisian Ministry of Education and Training surprised us on the 11th of September 2007 with the decision of not renewing the contract but in reality the dismissal decision occurred as a result of our participation in a strike on 11th of April 2007 which was organised by the General Union of Secondary Education.Despite all efforts made by the executive bureau of the “Union Générale tunisienne du Travail” and the General Union of the Secondary Educationa, The Tunisian Ministry of Education and Training remained indifferent.Such behaviour forced us to go on hunger strike on Thursday 15thNovember2007 that was postponed in accordance with our general union to pave the way to further negotiations but ineffective. Consequently, within the absence of any optimal solution, we reveal today the20th of November 1977 the beginning of an open hunger strike at the office of the General Union of Secondary Education and with its assistance and with the support of the UGTT.As we reveal such a decision, we are proud of the total commitment of the whole secondary education in order to defend our rights for syndicalism.And we demand our immediate return to our jobs.We are confident that all the unionists and activists of the civil society around the world will be geared up to support our legitimate action.Long live the UGTT independent militant and democratic.Long live the militancy of teachers.For support : Fax : 216.71.337.667 e-mail : : ZOGHLAMI Moez : (216) 95.373.577JELLOULI Ali : (216) 21.460.918MOUMNI Mohamed : (216) 98.990.003

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