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Scandals in the Ministry of Education and Training

Scandals in the Ministry of Education and Training
Rahman Rahimwalslah the name of God and peace on the best message senders No. 388 on the reader to Tunis news By: Mohamed Dom Alhani –an activist, a writer for the national issue and the Arab and Islamic role of « Almustakella » important and influential on audience and the media scene. In the heart of a letter comment jam brother Hatem Alonesi made more convinced by the truly power of truth, adherent and proud, having no fear except that of Allah.

a letter of a writer who believes in Allah and on the holy Quran the eternal values of Islam: the messenger of the prophet, uphold peace be upon him. The admirer acts Ancestors and loyal to the struggle of reformers and symbols of the homeland, their marks and achievements and statements. The letter writer who characterized these qualities offices and eternal truths and values the Islamic wonderful conciliator by God willing in his words and his actions and sincerely loyal to his homeland and high national spirit permeated clean stemming from pure gold metal taste 24. The proverb says people metals ... The writer, who these qualities and qualities I think it is only right to say which says the right man is a believer in God. Not afraid of man but God Lord of the Worlds, who ordered the words of God and has banned lying and hypocrisy and mendacity false talk and act bad, decorate rows of these beautiful act, such people has no place in the House of Eternity and punished and their fate inevitably fire of hell especially those who do not adjust between people. Those who wronged because they are powerful people with money and power but ignored, overlooked and forgotten that God is a strong solid force. There is wisdom says, "If your ability allwos injustice to the people of God, remember the ability of Allah upon you." After this brief introduction, which reminded me of, the brother Hatem Alonisi in his kind expressive and meaningful letter which was interojected by the article- published on 26/1/2008- across this excellent site entitled to authorize third phone line Verde Perhaps the distinguished gentlemen sitting on liveless chairs responsibility. Perhaps such articles pushing them to repentance and remorse on the past and realize that their actions may satisfy others and marred crops and cattle and deprived the people of their legitimate gained a heritage of our heavy and large gains of independance.But These gains have been totally transformed into symptoms showing injustice just as pointed brother Hatem Alonissi in reply beautiful and suspend excellent,I share the same opinion . So that the majority of owners and vanity that prevailed ignored them and that the Ministry of National Education punish since the era of independence, about 15 and almost Minister Mr. Amin Shabi God's mercy to Almsaadi and Mahmoud Ahmed bin Saleh Mohamed Mzali, Faraj El Jaloul Faris Hadi Khalil and other senior folk culture and information and some left fingerprints and editor and beautiful memories. Some of them left the pride and admiration and vanity. Some of them left the horrifying stories and practices negative and always to God alone, and realize that all the wisdom is eternal influential irrefutable fact. If lasted for others what you Walt. They are all aware of these meanings, but our problem in Tunisia Holy ego and power are negatives when some of them. But when other Holy is the title of justice, compassion, equality and justice among the people, listen to the concerns of the people as he did the late-Tayeb Al Muhairi Minister of the Interior may God have mercy on him his house was a haven for militants and national listen to them and help them, and trying to do satisfied and the introduction and helping them materially and financially assist them in their spare in the area Operating and housing. Mehairi This is the good God's mercy. Where are we now from these lofty values and qualities offices and national struggle inherent. There is no doubt that these men died may Allaah Today we see acts and acts and practices in an uncivilized and irresponsible. Not unrelated to the militant mentil free to constants our forthcoming. A brother Hatem Alons that paint activist belongs to the National Liberation Party. Actually every activist is like a genuine brother Hatem Alons the ideas and sayings, and his writings and his Free. But unfortunately, my brother, Hatem Alons that time changed and people had changed their minds only God from the womb, leaving little pain, which improves the concerns of others and the lack of justice and injustice, exploitation responsibility has previously written a lengthy article to which I excesses and the current Minister of Education and told how the name of the character begins " K "take the lion's share in the operation and the name starts character of the" H "is not only get a share Ewe vulnerable this is just the Towel was a student when ... His political orientation. But how big is the income section is heated That is the question amazing time and time may answer to this question and take everyone kicks done and injustice God raises us proud. Almighty God said: "And your Lord unmindful of what ye do" certified God.
Aroussi alhani: 22,022,354

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